Astrology is not just fortune telling. It is the knowledge of the relations between cosmic influences and terrestrial happenings. Planetary movements and their correlation to human affairs is a universal law. Plenty of instances could be cited to establish the correlation between certain life-events in individuals, natural phenomena and human psychological phenomena and planetary groupings. Astrology cannot be called a science in its narrow sense because science deals only with material objects. Yet, astrology is based upon scientific data, for horoscope is a picture of the heavens, i.e. the astronomical positions of planets and stars with reference to the moment and locality of the individual’s birth. Astrology consists of not astronomy alone but of the effects of astronomical facts- conjunctions, oppositions and movements and mutual influences of heavenly bodies on earth and her inhabitants, the assumption of such effects on weather, natural calamities and human beings has been over the centuries, verified in far too many instances, to be dismissed as even accidental synchronizations.
Astrological guidance provides not only economically viable but wholly safe methods to get children and to prevent birth of mentally or physically retarded children. It is also advantageous in spheres like family planning; disease diagnosis etc. medial astrology has much to offer in the matter of disease diagnosis. A horoscope correctly interpreted should enable one to judge clearly whether one has a leadership qualities in any spheres of activities and how it can be put to use. Astrology can also be of great help to Psychology, Medicine and Meteorology, not to speak of its usefulness in forecasting natural phenomena like floods, oceanic eruptions, earthquakes and storms. Astrology is also the one which has been exploited much by the fortune tellers who have abused the science with no knowledge of it at all, the victims being the gullible masses either passing through an unhappy phase in life or interested in knowing what is in store for them. Astrology has now unfortunately descended to the level of fortune telling.
Astrology is something divine and the correct interpretation of the horoscope rests on ones experience and intuitive capacity. Astrology unlike modern sciences went to the very root of life and experience of man as an individual and as a species.

Venugopala Panicker hails from a hereditary of Kalaripanicker family which belongs to the kalari upasaka family. kalari is the short form of Khaloorika which means there is Shreevidya there is "Eternal Goddess" .The Upanishad truth of one without a scond viz. I alone am there in the Universe. A fierce Prowess, a force which progrsses breaking all obstacles a Devine goodness which cannot brook. wickedness, in any form, a blaze of knowledge which in its trial utterly dispels the darkness of ignorance the valour which is ever victorious in the battle of life.

Besides that , the kalari is an ancient school, where all the vidyas are practiced and taught by the efficient and ominscient scholars only. Kalari has got the shape of a temple and has the length and breadth of 42 and 21 feet respectively. Southwestern corner of the Kalari is an important place where the Godess Chandikadevi is installed. Saptamatru, Narasimha, Bhairavi, Bhuvaneswari, Ayudhavaduka,Bhadrakali, Veerabhadrah,Ashtavasukkal, Dakshinamoorthi, Ganapathi are the main deities inside of the Sanctum sanctorum of Kalari

The kalaripacker family memebrs, from the age of 2 and a half years starts their education in the traditional way. The master of the school is used to be the Senior most of the family. They beging the important fundamental studies of Vedaganitha and Mohoortham in language of Malayalam . From their 8th years of age they study the Sanskrit Language in a system which is called as Gurukula Vidhyabhyasam. The students must stay with their Master and they should follow all the activities of the Master by all means. After Sanskrit education, the students enter the Ganithanirnayam, Leelvathy etc. After their 15 years of sastra studies , the master will give his blessings to a scientific conclusion from the Astrological analysis such as Jathaganitaprasnam. Astamangalaprasnam etc. Around the age of 30 years the heridetary astrologeer will be capable ot predict the horoscope and starts the astrological research from his guru's Upadesa and from his practical Knowledge.

Kalaripanicker must also need the knowledge regarding the Thantrasastra for Devaprasnam, Mantra poojas for prayaschitams, vendanta and puranas for the astrological classes and debates. In additon to all these knowledge, an astrologer must practice psychoanalysis also through the upasanas and meditations. A deep study of human mind and body is also inevitable for an Astrologer. By kalari abhyasams and Upasanas the tratdional Kalaripanicker attains all these knowledge not only from his practical knowledge but from his Guru also.


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